Indigestion, Ethics, and College Protests

Sometimes, something is so hard to swallow that it causes acid reflux.  Heartburn causes us discomfort, but, unless it is truly debilitating and usually long-lasting, it tends to be quickly forgotten — especially if caused by some food we like.

Those reflections come after reading Ezekiel Emanuel’s essay, “The Moral Deficiencies of a Liberal Education,” in the October 17 New York Times.

Emanuel, who teaches bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, bemoans the “moral blinders” so prominently on display on various college campuses — especially, but not only, elite ones like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Penn — in the initial reaction to Hamas’s terror attack on Israel.  That undergraduates could demonstrate in support of barbarians who killed women and children makes Emanuel declare: “We have failed.”

Yes, we have.

But I am not sure that Emanuel knows how to stop failing.

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