Fauci Slams Sturgis Rally as a Super-Spreader Event, says NOTHING about Obama's birthday bash a pass

Fauci Slams Sturgis Rally as a Super-spreader event,  says NOTHING about Obama's birthday bash.

  • The rally kicked off Friday, and has already been linked to three deaths and 207 drinking violations
  • On Sunday, Dr. Fauci said he understood why people want to go, but said Delta crisis should 'supersede' that
  • But he didn't say anything about Barak Obama's 60th birthday party, where hundreds gathered at his $12million Martha's Vineyard mansion, angering some conservatives 
  • Organizers expect at least 700,000 people will attend the 10-day rendezvous for motorcycle lovers in the small South Dakota town 
  • Public health experts - and some locals - worried that the rally would again play host to coronavirus infections, after hundreds of rallygoers were infected last year 
  • Only 46% of adults in the county that hosts Sturgis are fully vaccinated compared with 60.6% nationwide
  • Virus infections are on the rise in South Dakota after a steady decline through the spring and early summer - though the state has the fewest new virus cases per capita in the United States  
  • The IZA Institute of Labor Economics linked one death and 266,000 COVID-19 cases to last year's rally


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