Biden's 'DEATH TAX' Will Force Many to Sell Their Inheritance to Pay The Tax Bill

An America where your kids can't afford to keep your money: Middle income families' disgust with Biden's 'twisted' 'death tax' that would force many to sell their inheritance to pay the bill

  • Biden's 'death tax' would impose capital gains of $1million or more after someone dies
  • There are more than  3million homes nationally worth at least $1 million and the number continues to rise
  • The person who inherits it would have to pay 40% of the increase of the asset's value from when it was purchased to when they received it 
  • It does not just apply to property - it applies to stocks and other assets, including businesses 
  • The Biden administration promised protections for businesses and farms but none have been confirmed 
  • Families who scraped to buy property in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, would be knee-capped by the proposal 
  • It means their kids would have to pay hundreds of thousands to the government just because the property is now worth more 
  • Some say it would force the kids to sell what they inherit just to be able to pay the tax on it - a 'twisted' and 'disgusting' result of a lifetime of work 
  • The threshold so low it could wipe out family businesses along with farmland - which has escalated in value 
  • The proposal is part of Biden's American Families Plan which Congress is yet to vote on
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