A Needless Mental Health Crisis Among Teens

Within the social biome of a school, children are taught to understand how the world supposedly works. In the ‘90s, children were encouraged to be colorblind and to treat everyone with respect regardless of skin color. Today’s children are instead taught the tenets of critical race theory through rebranded classes like “Ethnic Studies.”

Young girls are the main victims of this psychological torture. Women, both young and old, are inherently social creatures. They care particularly keenly about what other people think — especially as teens. School classes which teach them that being white and straight means they are evil upholders of the institutions that keep their black and brown friends from success are horrifying to them. This teaching goes beyond making “white kids uncomfortable.” These children don’t wish to be seen as evil just because their skin is white. To alleviate that stigma, many are convinced that the only way to escape their racism is to declare that they are LGBTQ+ as a form of self-hatred.


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