'Alien-Like' Creature Spotted in Sydney After Massive Rain - What is it?

Biologists are investigating a mysterious creature that was spotted on 28 February in the Marrickville suburb of Sydney, Australia.

Amid heavy rains in Sydney, the discovery of a strange "alien-like" creature has left biologists baffled.

A jogger, identified as Harry Hayes, spotted a grey embryo of a bizzare animal-shaped creature with eyes open and a trunk-like figure extending out of its body.

Hayes made a video and uploaded it on Instagram in which the creature can be seen completely immobile lying on the road as he tries to move it with a stick.

Shortly thereafter the video went viral leaving netizens curious as they reposted it on their social media handles.

Some netizens have since commented that the mysterious creature could be a "shark embryo or some other sea creature". Others believe it to be an "alien".

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