In Pfizer US trial None of the Unvaccinated children were hospitalized or died from the virus

Unvaccinated children had just a 3% higher chance of catching Covid compared to double-jabbed in Pfizer US trial — and none were seriously ill

  • None of the 1,100 US youngsters double-jabbed with Pfizer caught the virus
  • Meanwhile, 30 unvaccinated in a group of the same size tested positive
  • Pfizer boss said data gives 'further confidence' of jab's safety and effectiveness

None of the children were hospitalized or died from the virus and they were either asymptomatic or had a very mild illness. 

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    • There is a reason they do not want you to see the DATA!

      Follow the "science" but you can't see the "science" - It's for your own good, everything works, Trust US!

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