Check your phone! If you donated to my campaign tonight with the link above I’m calling people till midnight to say thank you!

If you get a call from a 561 number, it’s me!

Let’s take a bet:

Will Declining Do Nothing Dan even show up?

He honestly should have retired when he had the chance…

District 11 deserves a worker and a fighter, NOT an absentee congressman who is surrounded by staff who know he is no longer fit to serve. 

It’s pretty shameful that the Congressman doesn’t know how to gracefully let go with dignity.

He must be removed and replaced. I will get the job done.

Congressman Daniel Webster and GOP primary rival Laura Loomer have been invited to share the stage at an upcoming candidates night sponsored by Villagers for Trump.

There’s just 45 minutes left till the end of the fundraising quarter! Please donate whatever you can affor‍d to my campaign by MIDNIGHT so that we can reach our fundraising goal! 

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Looks like my brother will be ok after getting hit by a car today and taken to the hospital. His leg is badly cut up and torn open from being pinned between a trailer and the car that ran him over, and his hips are injured. But he will recover. Thank God! 

Life is fragile.