FBI used controversial FISA warrants to spy on over 3 million Americans

Reminds me of how the FBI knew Nikolas Cruz was going to shoot up a school 6 months before he did because he admitted it, and it was reported to the FBI… TWICE!!! I even exclusively interviewed  the man who reported Cruz’s threats to the FBI. 

They didn’t do anything to stop him. 

Then David Hogg became the national spokesman for banning guns. 

David Hogg’s father was also an FBI agent.

Imagine that.

Between FBI informants and federal law enforcement  dropping the ball when it comes to taking action against people who they are already aware of making violent threats, it’s becoming very evident in America that Homeschooling your children is the safest option. 

And also the smartest option, to protect your children’s physical being, and their mental being.

How does the FBI continue to get away with having advance knowledge of nearly every single mass shooter or Islamic terrorist and not doing anything about it? 

How come there hasn’t been a congressional investigation into this?

When I’m in Congress, I’m going to call for an investigation and interrogation of the top brass of FBI to uncover why they allow these types of attacks to happen.

And that’s right. I said Why THEY ALLOW these attacks to happen. Because it’s beyond obvious now that they do, and has been obvious to me for a long time.

We don’t need gun control. 

We need FBI informant control.