Why aren't my posts showing up? 

    • Hi B Rad,

      When posting on Streetloc, please follow this guideline: https://streetloc.com/page/view-post?id=30  

      We are aware of an issue with some postings not showing, this is due to the EMBED function not getting used, we have automated this so that you will not have to worry about it in the new release, coming this month.

      Please hang in there while we resolve this, I am sure you will love the new features in Streetloc. I'll reach out as soon as they are live.

    • Here is what we are working on. 

      Over 150 improvements and fixes will be added to StreetLoc's core and modules:  Significant improvements in performance, media management, default configuration, UX/UI and functionality in general. 

      Some of the most notable additions include:

      • iOS, Android, Win and MacOS native apps for StreetLoc.
      • Delayed video publishing.
      • Optimized Timeline/Feeds.
      • Design updates.
      • Direct media-attachments for Posts and Discussions (photo, video, file, mini-poll).
      • Dark/Light/Custom modes (user-controlled).
      • Optimized Covers.
      • Improvements in Events, Albums, Notifications

      Additionally, we are working on a systemwide multi-level labels system, which likely makes it into this release of StreetLoc. 

      We have launched the first Beta testing today, 1st of June. Staff and early release beta testers have access to the changes, as soon as this is stable we will be rolling out the new features to all users.

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