U.S. Approves Sixty-Five F-16 Fighter Jets for Ukraine - COST $.683.5 Billion

Introduced in 17 August 1978; 45 years ago, the aircraft is half of Biden's age, with is ancient and outdated by modern aviation standards.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives evaluated a series of notifications during the month of February proposing the transfer of 65 F-16A/B Fighting Falcon MLU fighter jets from Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands to Ukraine.

Despite the mentioned countries expressing their intention to donate the aircraft, the estimated cost of the initiatives amounts to $.683.5 billion, including spare engines, simulators, manuals, tools, and various materials for operating and sustaining the F-16s.

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    • NATO Secretary General does not think F-16 jets will change course of war in Ukraine


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      • They are still going to get their ass kicked.

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