They from Russia where Communism and Socialism was deployed first in this world since 1917 again are using the same that Communist "President" Obrador from Mexico that are comrades & part from Sao Paulo's Forum of Lula,FHC & Fidel Castro uses trying like devil decieve people like you to corrupt people like you.

Is the same strategy of coup of two scissors that I explained to you before Mr Ryan Hartwig when Obrador saying lying that he likes CPAC.

They act like devil himself...

Make many Temptations to make people who fear God like you became like they are: Evil Atheists full of arrogance.

I know that they are making this to push the image of USA in the trash even more.

Ryan Hartwig:

Thank you Sputnik, Russia-state-owned media for asking me for comment. For someone who literally wrote the book on Facebook censorship, I've never been asked for comment by U.S. state-owned media.