Slow and Steady beets fast and bold all day everyday.

I am working hard to become steady...

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    • Notice how every time he falls on AF1's steps, long or short, no one is there to help him NOT fall or even to help him up? Weird, right?

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      • Often there is not many at the bottom of the stairs to greet him.

        • Also very true. It's almost like he's not really what he claims to be...🤔

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          • He can't remember who or what he is. It's very sad to see.

            It fascinates me that the left who hate Trump so much, went and installed a president that is worse in every way. Biden is arrogant, charlatan, corrupt, conceited, dumb, infirm, frail, nepotistic and traitorous. Biden has coined the best summation of himself: he is a “lying dog-faced pony soldier”

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