I just tried to post my Keto Cinnamon Toast in Healthy Eats group and it did the same thing.

Until it is fixed so that additions to a photo album will show in the group feed, I first post the photo and description in the associated photo album (in this case it was “What’s For Breakfast”). But then I take the extra step to create a post from the group’s front page. Previously, as you can see from the feed, the post would show on both the group feed and on the feed of the profile I used to post from (in this case, Healthy Mito profile).The photo and description uploaded fine to the album, but the post is again showing only as an independent post on my Healthy Mito profile and not in the Healthy Eats group. So this isn’t just an issue with my new Vaccine Injuries group, it appears to be effecting things all across the board.Also, I use hashtags that alert people when ”new content” is added to a ”channel”. In this case, the hashtags that allow people to follow certain topics (i.e. , etc.) When the notification of new content pops up under the bell / alert icon, if you click on that, it only takes you to a list of random channels… though the one you were alerted to is on the top of the list. BUT, there is no way to actually click on the picture or anything else to actually go to the channel to see the new content. So it’s kind of a useless alert because since it is based on a hashtag, you have no clue what group or profile the actual post is coming from, so there is no way to find the new content. I’ll grab a screenshot and send it.