Florida Governor Ron Suspends State Attorney Andrew Warren for Refusing to Enforce Florida Law.

DeSantis sent state police to physically remove from his office, "with access only to retrieve his personal belongings, and (ii) to ensure that no files, papers, documents, notes, records, computers, or removable storage media are removed from the Office of the State Attorney..."

More GOP Governors need to take up this practice and get rid of Soros plants...

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A message from Sheriff Lamb regarding recent election issues. 

Please click this link for more information from Pinal County - Government:

threatens to retaliate for 's trip by letting her return safely!

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By: Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner

The battle for the presidency is heating up as potential candidates Gov. Gavin Newsom of California and Illinois’ Gov. J.B. Pritzker continue to go after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Newsom just ran ads decrying the lack of “freedom” in Florida. And Pritzker recently traveled to Florida to give a speech ripping the state and Gov. DeSantis’s policies of “racism, homophobia and misogyny” and declaring that DeSantis is “just Trump with a mask on.”

Listening to just those two, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Americans have been leaving Florida in droves – not only to escape DeSantis but also the policies set by the previous two decades of Republican governors.

To the contrary, Florida is the big winner when it comes to the state-to-state competition for migrating Americans and their money. California and Illinois, meanwhile, remain two of the nation’s biggest losers.

Florida gained 167000 people from domestic migration in 2020.

The incomes of people moving into Florida are far larger than the incomes of people moving out of Florida.

In report-year 2020, Florida gained a net $23.7 billion in Adjustable Gross Income from residents moving in. That was the nation’s most, by far – as much as the next six states’ AGI gains combined. Texas, in 2nd place, gained only $6.35 billion and 3rd-place Arizona got $4.8 billion.

And again, California and Illinois were big losers, seeing $17.8 and $8.5 billion in AGI disappear, respectively.

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Stop Monkeypox, cancel all PRIDE events, they are Super Spreaders. 

The LGBTQIA+ community needs to take responsibility for humanity and lockdown until the risk of Monkeypox has passed. That means no sex, dating, or hookups, all LGBTQ bars must close and no alcohol may be sold.

Any LGBTQ person leaving their home during the quarantine period will be sent to an isolation camp. 

All travel to and from Africa is cancelled, the LGBTQ community may not interact with animals (specifically monkeys) and Children ever again. 

Didn't AIDS come from monkeys and the LBGTQ community?