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Biden's 2024 campaign.

  • Conditioned stimulus: You hate Trump
  • Conditioned Response: Vote Biden

A rational individual would say, hold on a second. Hate crimes are bad. I don’t hate Trump, I know what his election principles. Joe please tell me what your election principles are?

We need to separate the government from Technology.

Authorities Demand Access to Private Social Media Conversations to Spy on Anti-Mass Migration Sentiment

“De facto mass surveillance of the entire population.”

Paul Joseph Watson

That aircraft is a death trap.

Cynthia Nixon Joins Hunger Strike Outside the White House. The socialist ‘Sex and the City’ actress ran for governor of New York a few years ago.

I wonder if we will see actors and actresses using the "Hunger Strike" as a means to hide their Ozampic use. I'm not suggestion Cynthia Nixon is taking Ozampic, she is already thin enough for fall through her own ass.

Now we know why cancer in the liberal population is so high. They all avoid milk and dairy.

New Q website pops up with a countdown clock that ends next week.

“Nothing can stop what is coming” DEEP STATE IS PANICKING!

Four days left. 

Get ready…

Happy Thanks giving everyone.

May you and your family be blessed on Thanksgiving and throughout the rest of the year...

Will likely turn out to be on the FBI watch list, but they were to busy chasing Donald Trump.

'attempted terror attack' on Rainbow Bridge: Car entering the US from Canada EXPLODES at iconic Niagara Falls crossing, killing two occupants inside

Liberals are buying guns to kill co-workers.

Was motivated by outrage over lax gun laws and bought AR-15 to spur politicians into action, new police report finds