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We are down to just 10 days left before the Florida Republican Primary, and Laura Loomer needs your help in this final stretch to knock out her RINO opponent!  Will you please chip in today? 

Daniel Webster is so desperate he sent out 3 mailers back to back and they have got to be the ugliest mailers I have ever seen in my life.

I just campaigned in The Villages all day and his mailers are all in the dumpster at the mail boxes because nobody wants them. It’s hilarious. 

His mailer says he wants to stand against liberal spending sprees. 

Yet he voted to send $40 BILLION to Ukraine. 

He said he’s “our fighter”, yet he was too much of a COWARD to vote against the 2nd impeachment of President Trump, and he skipped the vote on the January 6 commission. 

Terrible mailer. Terrible messaging. Terrible candidate. Throw his mailer in the trash, and can Webster on August 23 when you VOTE LAURA LOOMER FOR US CONGRESS! 

THIS IS TRASH!!!! You deserve better!

Met so many new voters at the polls today. 

I flipped a few Webster voters as well. 

They almost had a heart attack when I told them the man they have been voting for and almost voted for skipped the vote on the January 6 commission. It’s such an immediate deal breaker. 

Now they will be voting Loomer. 🇺🇸

Lauren Witzke ✝️🇺🇸

95 degrees and Loomer is still out stomping pavement working the early voting stations. 

Get out and vote early, and often! Vote Loomer for Congress! 🇺🇸

Reposted Laura Loomer 's post.

BREAKING: I was endorsed by the Jewish Conservatives Club of The Villages.

The Jewish Republicans in the Villages, who have endorsed me and my congressional campaign, will be having a showing of 2000 Mules on Sunday, August 14th at 6:30 pm at the Eisenhower Rec Center! 

The election was stolen!!! Show up to this event and see the video evidence for yourself. Anyone who refuses to admit the election was stolen is denying reality, facts, and undeniable damning, criminal, video surveillance footage.

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