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Instead of FBI raids on conservatives, I pray for the return of ICE raids on illegals.

My RINO do nothing opponent is pro amnesty. He has spent his 40 years in office trying to reward illegal aliens for breaking our laws. He supports amnesty on the tax payer dime. “Pathway to citizenship” is just another way of saying mass amnesty. 

You don’t reward criminals with a pathway to citizenship. You detain them, deport them, and make sure they never return from wherever they came from. 

You punish illegal immigration because it’s a CRIME. And CRIMES must be punished and Prosecuted. 

If you want a fighter who will be extremely tough on illegal criminal invaders, then vote .

It’s time for mass deportations and an immigration moratorium. 

To the politicians: Get on board, or get replaced.

The media has selective outrage over the tragedies they choose to report. 

People who pay attention know that stories like the one out of Texas today have been commonplace for YEARS. 

Every single month illegals are found dead in trucks or cars in human smuggling operations. 

Where was the media outrage when this was happening in 2015?

Part of the problem in this country is the media selectively choosing which tragedies to report on. 

This has been happening for years… most instances go unreported. Being from Tucson, Arizona, I grew up as a child in a border city seeing stories about trucks full of dead illegal aliens on a current basis. During the monsoon season, as a child I would see police on the side of the road with border patrol and body bags when the bodies of dead illegals who died from dehydration would wash up when the Rillito River would flood with rain water. 

When I was 11, an illegal alien broke into a neighbor’s house and gagged an elderly woman who lived a few houses down the road, and I came home to see border patrol in my neighborhood searching for an illegal who decided to hide under one of my neighbor’s horse trailers. 

That was 18 years ago. Things are much worse now.

Also, obviously a story about illegal aliens suffocating to death is going to be sensationalized by the media because 46 people died in a box truck. 

Think of how many more Americans are dying each day from drug overdoses as a result of our open borders. Those individual overdoses aren’t as sensational as a truck full of dead bodies, so you will NEVER hear about the dozens of Americans who are dropping dead from Fentanyl overdoses each day. 

That should disgust you.

Enforcing LAW AND ORDER saves lives. Border control SAVES LIVES. 

The humanitarian and pro-life stance is to keep all illegals out and to prosecute all illegal immigration and all illegal alien human smuggling. 

When politicians make “humanitarian” excuses for illegal immigration, they only end up getting more people killed. 

The democrats still have failed to realize their stupid game of illegal immigration is getting them a stupid prize of more human suffering and death. 

The Democrat Party is an abomination and they are running the biggest human trafficking operation in the world out of our Southern Border.

Also this isn’t exactly new news. For years, trucks full of dead illegals have been found in border states and countries with open borders. 

Nothing has been done to address it

Because both parties have been weak on combatting illegal immigration. 

Here’s another story identical to this from 2015.

Open borders Kill. Politicians better start taking this seriously. 

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