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The Social Security Administration released information to all on Social Security or SSDI about the 2024 Cost Of Living Allowance. We get 3.2%. Honestly I am very upset at President Biden. He continues to allow Illegal Immigrants to simply walk into the United States of America and gives them a 100% free ride. They are now living in 5 Star Hotels. The Overflow are being moved to Hotels that have been accomodating Homeless Veterans. These people get free Government provided Cellphone and Tablet while Americans get almost nothing. We pay for 100% of what the Illegal Immigrants get. It's wrong and it has to stop. I hope in 2024 President Trump does what he says he will do. He says his first move will be to stop any Biden Executive Order that allows the Illegal Immigrant to continue to enter our Country. He says he will finish the Southern Border Wall once and for all. These are the most important steps to stop Illegal Immigration. Well the most important is he promises the largest deporation of Illegal Immigrants in the history of our Country. Perhaps that is the most important thing. Because once they are no longer in the United States of America enjoying the free ride on the taxpayers's dime, we can get down to taking care of Americans First!

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Here is another 75 Million reasons President Joe Biden should be impeached!

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Truth is being an NYC School Librarian or even a Liberal has nothing to do with this. The Parent of a Baby left the Baby alone in a car for at least 5 hours who was rescued by a Coworker. I don't understand how the Parent regardless of the job they have could simply think this was ok.

So let's look at the headline here for a second. MI AG Dana Nessel CONFIRMS 8,000 to 10,000 Suspected Fraudulent Registrations Delivered to Muskegeon Clerk October 2022 as NOTED in MI State Police Report She BURIED from Public. So here we have the MI AG doing what? Admitting she buried 8,000 to 10,000 Fraudulent Registrations in Muskegon alone. How many others did she bury from the Public? How will we ever know. Does this qualify as "Election Fraud"? Do Social Media Broadcasters like Boogie With The Bull have a case against YouTube & Parent Google that appears to prove "Some Election Fraud Did Take Place"? The extent of the damage won't be known until MI can prove all the Suspected Fraudulent Registrations that MI AG Dana Nessel delivers to MI State Police.