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Now that my computer is fixed, I will be coming out with a few articles shortly! Keep a look out.

Apple is currently being sued over its thin screens on their new MacBook and MacBook Air. I would know my screen just cracked! 

My phone slide off my lap and lightly tapped the computer screen and completely ruined the entire screen! I had to send it in to get fixed. Thankfully, with Apple care it only cost me $100. However, knowing the screen is faulty, they are charging people anywhere from $500-800 to fix it! Thats half the cost for the computer itself. 

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You can read about my investigation into the Las Vegas shooting and how it was an ISIS terrorist attack covered up by the FBI in my new book, which you can pre-order today. 

How is this virulent antisemitism allowed? This game incorporates terrorist organizations, by calling them “freedom fighters,” whose main objective is to “Free Palestine” by killing Jews.

This is a recruiting  technique whose impact will be devastating. How can Sony and XBox allow such vile hatred?

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I'm falling short on my campaign’s end of quarter fundraising goal.  I have just $6,413.12 to raise by Midnight.  Will you please chip in? 

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