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    God's Roadmap to the End  

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Our Heavenly Father has poured out His Spirit upon His people over the last month, giving them dreams and visions about the judgment that is soon coming over the earth. The world that we knew for so long, will never return to the state it existed in under God's grace and mercy.  Time will soon literally run out which will affect even the reality of life for those who will remain on the earth and you do not want to be here when that happens. Ensure that you place 100% of your Trust in Jesus Christ alone to save you from your sins and to rescue you from this world when He returns to take those that belong to Him to their eternal mansions in new glorified bodies! Many believers in Christ do not know God's Word as they should and this leads to all kinds of doctrines that contradict many passages written in the Bible and misleading many to believe what is not true. The Bible tells us that Jesus will soon thrust in His sickle and will reap the earth and it is so important to understand how a harvest will be conducted because it concerns every believer! Much of what is shown to those who are given dreams have to do with what will play out during Halloween this year. It would seem that this Halloween will be one that the world, will remember forever, because it would also seem to involve the Rapture of God's people and the resurrection of the dead.  Please like and share this video with as many people as possible - even if just one extra person comes to salvation through this, it is worth every effort! If you would like to download and share this video with others, you can download it from the link below: http://tiny.cc/wtyysz Links to the relevant videos referenced in this video are provided below: https://youtu.be/VgULwKiAQfs https://youtu.be/a9oroQ3I2xU https://youtu.be/7QRVEbFSV04 https://youtu.be/n_Zdu-y5CPI https://youtu.be/J8ZdhemvQeE https://youtu.be/fo5f261M4Tw https://youtu.be/keUiGTMOe0Q https://youtu.be/vELyf_C1Yuo https://youtu.be/RCY9xpJk-Oc https://youtu.be/n_JD1rjVKfU https://youtu.be/HxzUq0BdgOY Series about Understanding the Rapture - VERY IMPORTANT TO WATCH!!

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Facebook disabled my account on October 1,2020 and then disabled another account on Oct.2: Fascism is HERE

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