The problem with fences

In 2006 a leftist leader, Evo Morales, was elected president of Bolivia, a country known for its large cocaine exports but is relatively poor. Evo promptly reached out to America’s enemies, including Iran. At the time I wondered why. What had the U.S. done to Bolivia? But, I consoled myself, if Evo wanted to hate America, there was no reason to worry about it, because Bolivia’s economy was largely based on poor farmers growing cocaine.

Even though Evo is out of power, his outreach resulted in an Iranian military presence in Bolivia and a school of “asymmetric warfare” that Iran helped create. Iran also has missiles and drones in Venezuela, another country you might have largely dismissed as a pressing threat, but those missiles and drones can reach Florida. What happens when Iran gives the Marxist ideologues in Venezuela nuclear weapons?

But do we really have to worry about Iran? We have the nuclear triad — land based missiles, submarines, and planes. Surely Iran won't mess with us? Our nuclear force is a protective fence behind which we can feel safe.

Or can we?

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