In the Left’s Latest Attack Against Trump and Democracy, the Supreme Court Must Quash the Insurrection Argument Once and For All

he Left’s latest attack on democracy, the truth, the Constitution, and the rule of law continues in the form of a series of lawsuits, such as the ones found in Colorado and now Maine, that are being fueled by Democrat-aligned, Soros-funded groups, that have attempted to remove President Donald Trump from the ballot in those states via rogue political actors on alleged Fourteenth Amendment grounds. The Colorado decision witnessed the state’s all-Democrat-appointed Supreme Court split 4-3 on the central issue, remarkably close given how polarized the country is today, especially on matters related to President Trump. Presenting a question that will undoubtedly be taken up by the United States Supreme Court (whose present composition consists of six Republican-appointed justices, including three nominated by President Trump himself, versus only three Democrat ones), the nation’s High Court is bound to return a more even-handed decision. That said, however, it may be argued that the damage has already been done. Shortly after news of the Colorado Supreme Court decision broke, several commentators noted that even if overturned by the Supreme Court (a probable scenario), the Colorado case already set a dangerous precedent to license other bad-faith, rogue actors to take the law unilaterally into their own hands by removing President Trump’s name from the ballot and thereby deny their constituents their fundamental right to vote for whomever they choose.

Lo and behold, days after the Colorado decision was handed down, in Maine, a state that President Trump’s campaign believes can be won in next year’s general election, its Marxist-sympathizing secretary of state, Shenna Bellows, who does not even have a law degree, unilaterally made the determination that the Fourteenth Amendment required her to block President Trump’s name from the ballot. Bellows’ tyrannical decision to remove Trump from the ballot without even consulting her voters may be the most egregious power grab yet committed by the Far Left. And that is saying a lot, for a year that has observed the near wholesale weaponization of the justice system by the Biden regime to persecute its chief political opponent, plunging our once unrivaled system of justice into a banana republic and proving once more that the people who regularly screech about “our democracy” really are democracy’s greatest enemies.

These decisions will require the Supreme Court to involve itself in what the Left and mainstream media will quickly brand a “political decision.” However, critically, it is not the Supreme Court that has forced itself into presidential politics, but a radical Left and its accomplices in the DOJ and various intelligence agencies that have baited the Court into rendering a judgment on a matter that should never have gone before any court in the first place, because removing anyone from the ballot, let alone a duly elected president and frontrunner for the next election, amounts to the most grievous of constitutional violations. For this reason, it is incumbent upon the Supreme Court to not only resolve the legal issue at hand but to permanently quash this nonsense Fourteenth Amendment claim for good. Otherwise, it will risk opening its dockets to the floodgates of leftwing lawfare, of the kind seen in Maine, Colorado, and many other cases, which is well financed and mobilized to continue bringing these lawsuits so long as President Trump remains a viable contender and they meet little opposition.

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