Hunter Bidens and Jim Biden pocketed seven-figure salaries - $11MILLION Chinese connections

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter's $11MILLION Chinese connections: analysis reveals president's son and brother Jim Biden pocketed seven-figure salaries and hefty bonuses from lucrative joint venture linked to Communist Party and Beijing 'spies'

  • A analysis of bank records tracks the money flow from Chinese business partners and members of the Biden family between September 2017 and November 2018 
  • Chinese oil giant CEFC plowed almost $11M into a joint venture with Hunter Biden - which was squirreled away largely by the president's son and his family in just a year
  • As CEFC poured millions into the venture, Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden paid themselves $100,000 and $65,000 monthly salaries, respectively, records show
  • The millions of dollars were ostensibly for the Bidens' efforts to land energy deals for CEFC around the world 
  • Hundreds of pages of bank records were released Tuesday by GOP Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson who have been investigating the First Son 
  • The lawmakers say the documents lay out 'the Biden family's connections to the Chinese regime and persons connected to its military and intelligence elements' 
  • They claim the evidence amounts to 'potential criminal financial activity with respect to Hunter and James Biden,' - Joe's brother who goes by 'Jim' 
  • The report said Hunter and Jim's companies received over $4.9M from Hudson West - a company jointly owned by Hunter's firm and a CEFC subsidiary

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