Black Man in Gas Mask and Orange Construction Vest Shoots Commuters in Brooklyn, NYC rush hour.

Black man in gas mask and orange construction vest shoots at least five commuters after throwing smoke bomb inside subway train at Brooklyn station during morning rush hour: Schools lock down as cops hunt shooter

  • At least five people were shot at around 8.30am at the 36th Street station in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, on Tuesday; a total of 13 were injured
  • The FDNY says multiple undetonated devices were found at the scene but all are smoke bombs
  • The NYPD is now hunting for a suspect wearing a gas mask and orange construction vest 
  • Witnesses say they thought he was an MTA worker when he dropped a smoke bomb and started shooting 
  • Social media photos show victims lying on the platform with blood pouring from their legs
  • Elementary schools near the shooting went into lockdown on Tuesday as cops hunted the suspect  
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