06 - Supplementation

Perhaps your diet is a little lacking. Even trying to eat “right”, shortcuts in farming practices sometimes produce foods with less than optimal nutrient values. You may have issues impacting digestion of food, absorption and utilization of nutrients, impaired recycling, or wasting of nutrients. Genetics and / or aging can impact nutrient driven production of certain biological compounds / hormones that require completion of specific processing in the body. (Did you know Vitamin D is actually a very important hormone?)

Everyone will differ in their needs. Labs can help with some values. But supplementation is a very personal journey, often one of trial and error to get things just right. Supplementation is MOSTLY safe but it is important to know upper limits for those nutrients you can actually overdose on, and know how certain supplements may interfere with certain medications. A great doctor that understands the importance of nutrition and preventative health practices can be a valuable resource along your path to optimal health.

Any I share are due to my own research and personal experience. I have not received any compensation or benefit regarding any recommendations I share.

The information shared is NOT medical advice. Always consult a competent healthcare provider familiar with your medical history before trying something new.

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