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Paul and the #Pelosigaylover were apparently hosting a Twister Party with friends on Friday night.

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Queen Elizabeth II has passed on at the age of 96.

The subject of Queen Elizabeth II's passing is a delicate one, but the health of the 96-year-old queen has been a big concern, the royal skipped traditional public appearances over the weekend and appointed the new prime minister from Balmoral Castle instead of traveling to Buckingham Palace.

The announcement of the Queen's death will be followed by ten days of mourning in Commonwealth nations with all flags flying at half-mast. 

The Queen’s funeral will reportedly take place 10 days after her death; her coffin will first be taken from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace, where it will remain for four days, after which it will be taken to Westminster Hall to lie in state for another four days.

Prince Charles, who is first in line for the throne, and his wife Camila are traveling to Balmoral, Clarence House has announced. Prince William is also traveling to the palace.

Here is a quick summary of what will happen once Queen Elizabeth II passes.

  • Prince Charles will immediately become king. His coronation ceremony will happen about a year later. King Charles III'rd could elect to change his name.
  • In the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Message in early February 2022, Queen Elizabeth announced that Camilla will be Future Queen Consort. 
  • ‘London Bridge is down,’ a coded call was made to the British prime minister letting him know of the Queens passing, the press and media will then be notified, and a cold-war era alarm known as Rats (radio alert transmission system) will alert them to the fact that something serious is unfolding.
  • The Queen will lie in state in the throne room at Buckingham Palace at first and later in Westminster Hall. Her coffin will be piled with the glittering crown jewels. 
  • The new king will embark on a tour of the four nations of the United Kingdom—England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to shore up support and attend memorial services for the Queen. 
  • The Queen's funeral will be televised, but it is forbidden to film members of the royal family.
  • The Queen will likely be buried in a 13th-century-Italian-style mausoleum in Frogmore Gardens, but there are other factors that may change the ultimate place of rest. Some reports suggest that rather than being buried in Frogmore Gardens, the queen and Philip's ultimate resting place may be the memorial chapel in Windsor alongside the remains of her parents and her sister Princess Margaret. We will have to wait and see.
  • Prince William will become the Prince of Wales, son Prince George will become second in line to the throne, followed by Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Prince Harry will be fifth in line to the throne, and his son Archie and daughter Lili will be sixth and seventh respectively. 

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Now we know why the corrupt FBI wanted Trump to turn off his surveillance cameras during their raid of his home: the last thing Merrick Garland’s goons want is for the public to see them dumping boxes of previously secure documents and then taking glamor shots of their own mess.

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Has managed to cock-up again and nuke America?

Happy Birthday Laura Loomer