❗️ Pavel Durov: The upcoming Telegram update, which is about to revolutionize how people express themselves in messages, has been stuck in Apple's review for two weeks with no explanation or any feedback from the corporation.

Biden said they would not increase taxes on those earning below $400k, now the "Inflation Reduction Act" will tax those earning under $400k.

But there is good news, 🤡🍦Binden's new 87,000 new IRS thugs will not target those earning below $400k!

Then the IRS will audit them and their new agents will go in and use "DEADLY FORCE" if necessary.

Your health update for August, Monkeypox is being rolled in and Emergencies have been declared.

COVID will now be rolled out and you will focus on the "Men who sleep with multiple men" STD.

Here is a look are the extended powers the US government has once an emergency has been declared.