Six years ago, Mark Zuckerberg sided with Black Lives Matter and spoke out against the phrase "All Lives Matter". 

Now, in 2022, Facebook/Meta is telling us Azov Battalion Lives and Ukrainian Lives matter more than Russian Lives. 

While I moderated content for Facebook, they decided to delete calls for an armed revolution in Venezuela, and allowed calls for death against an Iranian head of state. 

Currently, they are allowing calls for violence against Russian soldiers. 

At what point will we say enough is enough, and prevent Facebook from interfering in matters of war and domestic elections? 

Facebook is more powerful than many countries, and is using their influence to pick winners and losers using global information warfare. They are a military force in that regard, in that they engaged in weaponized information warfare.

You can read more about Facebook's exceptions that allow child abuse and child trafficking, along with more details about their interference in global elections in my book, Behind the Mask of Facebook.