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Is Mini Mike the Republican Oligarch running in 2020 to split the Democratic field and Elect Trump in 2020?

The former mayor admitting in the past to being a “friend” and “fan” of his fellow New Yorker has resurfaced ahead of Wednesday night’s debate. 

Bloomberg in 2016: ‘Yes, Donald, I do love you’

“I’m a big fan of Donald Trump,” Bloomberg told ABC News in 2011. He later admitted to being a “friend” of the “New York icon” in a Fox interview, downplaying the future president’s leading role in the birther conspiracy theory about Barack Obama. 

“If there is anybody who has changed this city, it is Donald Trump,” Bloomberg said in 2013, commemorating the conclusion of construction on Trump’s Bronx golf course. “You have been a great mayor,” Trump returned. “I mean, this guy is fantastic.”

The scrutiny on Bloomberg’s relationship with Trump is already providing a potent line of attack for his 2020 rivals.