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Rant # 1 of MANY which will get covered on my upcoming LAST SHOW!

None of you in with a few exceptions had the gonads to help me fight the Nursing Home Abusers in 2018 (and those who almost killed me as well as not fighting both parties who told me to shut up!) nor ALL the 50 States, neither nor Governor has been prosecuted & brought to Justice (Capital Punishment!) for ******* people/allowing all the murders in the Nursing Homes from the Fascist **** Communist Satanic Luciferian from 2020 to this day! NOT ONE GOVERNOR NOR ANYONE ELSE! NOW to **** for this allowing of ******! This is the fruit of America allowing over 100,000,000 (******* UNBORN CHILDREN!) since the Inception of October 16, 1916, Brownsville, New York, NY – I got NO Justice from 2018 nor from the 19 Evil so everyday my prayer is for the Wrath of #God upon this filthy perverted #********* #sodomite nation or He has to apologize to ***** and Gomorrah! 😡😡😡😡😡😡