BLM crowd gathers in area at the scene of an officer-involved shooting. What happened there, still unclear at this minute.

The victim is allegedly 20 years old Daunte Wright and a passenger in the vehicle recorded the entire incident on Facebook live, according to StarTribune reporter.

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    • With this incident and the trial of Derek Chauvin expected to end in a couple weeks I'm preparing for all hell to break loose. This happened about 4 miles north from where I live and the George Floyd overdose occurred about 3 miles south of me.

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      • Y'all had better be ready for the invasion of gaboons/self hate'n whites in the predominately white neighborhoods look'n ta burn, loot & murder all white people they come across if that Chauvin trial verdict doesn't go the way they think it should. Y'all better NOT think you can just talk'em into not do'n any criminal stuff. Y'all had better be ready ta Kill everyone of them that don't live in your neighborhood. If ya see anything in their hands that can do any kind of damage, destruction/harm/bodily injury to persons, property, ie..(Homes,Businesses), SHOOT ta KILL everyone of them, double 0, triple 0, buckshot works best, send a message loud and clear "Come to our hood do'n that crap, your gonna die". Show'em law abiding people won't put up with that "primitive gaboon" & self hate'n whites' criminal behavior in any shape or form.  And, that's not be'n racist either when ya protect yourself, family, property, business(es).

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