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Well, he was NEVER a "hero" in my book...

Imagine a celebrated running quarterback playing the last — and most significant — game of his career. At a critical moment, he fumbles and drops the ball. Suddenly it's all over for him and his team. Well, that's what Joe Biden now seems to have achieved in his political career. And we are all going to suffer for it.

In his first months in office, he focused mainly on undoing the good that Trump had done in the previous four years. This destructive urge appears to have been motivated by spite accompanied by a lack of commitment to doing what is best for America instead of himself.

Joe Biden, a mumbling; shuffling; confused; and, at times, incoherent old man, has gone in a few months from personal failure at home to causing a political catastrophe of global dimensions, the consequences of which will soon be unleashed upon us in the form of renewed terrorist attacks on the West.