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Nothing for a month… dried up?

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The Fraudocrats’ Bullies and Intimidators should be scrapped.

Deranged, divisive and dangerously demented.

Can’t wait! Make it happen!

Looking forward to it, along with several billion others worldwide! 

Those ‘concessions’ are precisely what Putin required in the first place; a neutral, non-NATO country on Russia’s southern border.  Next, Kiev will have to abide by the Minsk agreements and recognise the autonomous, Russian-speaking Oblasts of Crimea and Donbas have strong affiliations with Russia.  It isn’t nuclear rocket science. 

Cannot wait for the truth to come out.  

I hope he gets elected.  The country needs him! 

Lock her up!

The truth cannot be suppressed forever.  Their time will come. 

Eventually, the weight of evidence must overwhelm the procrastinators.  As a non-US observer, it was obvious to me on the day that the election had been stolen.  And as for the false-flag ‘insurrection’ on 6 January - what a joke.  Mr President: just know you have massive support for a long-overdue comeback from people outside the US.  We watch and wait in anticipation for the cheating to be overturned and the truth to be declared for our American friends and family. 

Good news. Inevitable.