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The typical unknown & self-published author is lucky to sell 50 copies of a book.  Please help me **** that away by pre-ordering a copy of A More Tyrannical King. 

The first course by the Liberty Lighthouse Classroom, in conjunction with Institute on the Constitution, is ready!

The Truth of America’s Founding 

What you will learn from this course:

• The role of pastors and Christians in civil government.

• The threat of Islam to liberty and Christianity

• The role of God & the Bible in the establishment of the United States of America

50% off with code Lighthouse until Constitution Day!

Thursday's show

Every year I record a speech for the patriotic holidays. Here is this year's Memorial Day speech.

A New Declaration to the federal government from We The People.

Please sign!

Going live in 10 minutes!

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My "campaign" isn't real but the thoughts I express are.

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Liberty Minute for 4/21/23

Hello everyone. I'm new here.