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Lara Trump, wife to Eric Trump and a Trump 2020 campaign surrogate, recently joined Republican congressional candidate Laura Loomer at a campaign event in Florida, throwing the support of the Trump name behind the Favorite to win in Florida, District 21 and become President Trump's representative in congress.

President Trump's daughter-in-law and campaign adviser was photographed with Loomer, the GOP nominee to challenge incumbent Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.) in Florida’s once deeply-blue 21st District, that is expected to flip Red in November.

President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump knocked on doors in Florida on Tuesday for Laura Loomer, these volunteers are knocking doors, making calls, and training new volunteers - all to spread the President’s record of success with their fellow Floridians. 

Loomer raised a massive $1.1 million for her primary campaign, the Trump campaign also used her list of campaign donors for their own fundraiser, according to Mediaite. Several Republicans have supported Ms Loomer, including Florida's Matt Gaetz, Arizona's Paul Gosar, and Mr Trump himself "Great going Laura. You have a great chance against a Pelosi puppet!," Mr Trump said soon after her primary win.

The Florida GOP and the Trump campaign have embraced Loomer's congressional bid. Her campaign director, Karen Giorno, ran Trump’s 2016 Florida operations. And her campaign is backed by a prominent Trump supporters including Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and Milo Yiannopoulos.

Far-left-wing publications and the Democratic Propaganda arm, posing as news outlets have hit the panic buttons with Loomer now the favorite to win in Florida’s 21st District, where the incumbent, Democrat Lois Frankel the "Pelosi Puppet", once held a healthy margin from 2013 through 2019. 

Calling the Jewish Laura Loomer a Nazi, Milo washed out, Rodger a convicted criminal and Alex a conspiracy theorist. Resulting in the Loomer campaign sending out a fundraising email this week that said, “The liberal media is ON FIRE with hate over Laura Loomer and is deploying typical Alinsky tactics in their desperation to defeat her.”

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Laura Loomer, a conservative commentator and activist, calls herself “the most banned woman on the Internet” and who once handcuffed herself to the front door of Twitter’s office in New York.

Loomer will now face incumbent Democratic Rep. Lois Frankel in the General Election. Loomer has the support of the district’s most famous constituent, President Donald Trump and controversial Trump confidante Roger Stone who spoke at her election night party.

“Great going Laura,” Trump tweeted upon news of her victory. “You have a great chance against a Pelosi puppet!”

Laura Loomer, along with two brothers was raised in Arizona by their father. She attended Barry University, in Miami Shores, Florida, from which she graduated with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. 

Loomer is a former employee of Project Veritas, a conservative organization known for producing secretly recorded and deceptively edited undercover audio and video investigations about media organizations and left-wing groups. 

Laura Loomer, 28, is a Jewish Conservative investigative journalist and activist. Originally from Tucson, Arizona, Laura began her journalism career working as an undercover journalist for Project Veritas from 2015-2017. Loomer’s investigations have uncovered fraud and corruption within the Hillary Clinton campaign, Islamic extremism on college campuses, the Las Vegas Shooting, flaws and loopholes within the U.S. immigration system, and widespread voter fraud throughout the U.S.


Laura Elizabeth Loomer

1993 (age 28)
EducationBarry University (BS)
OccupationActivist, political candidate
Known forFar-right political activism and commentary[a]
Political PartyRepublican

Rep. Matt Gaetz and longtime GOP operative Roger Stone recently endorsed Loomer as she sought the CD 21 nod.

When Gaetz noted Loomer’s victory online, the President retweeted the message and commented “Big win Matt!”

Loomer was able to consistently raise money as well, crossing the $1 million mark by late July. While that total put her well ahead of her GOP competitors, Loomer spent big on fundraising fees.

Loomer will face a tough slog come November. Democrats have a 17.5-point advantage over Republicans in terms of voter registration within the district. Frankel won reelection in 2016 by more than 25 points and ran unopposed in 2018.

While Loomer led her Republican rivals in fundraising, she’s still trailing Frankel significantly in cash on hand. Loomer held around $220,000 as of July 29 while Frankel retains more than $1.25 million.

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How deep will mainstream Republican support be for Loomer as she takes on well-established and popular Democratic incumbent Lois Frankel in congressional District 21?

Laura Loomer has gone from social media star, too banned on most platforms to Republican candidate and now to congressional candidate after securing a win in Florida’s 21st Congressional District.

Loomer is banned by the likes of Twitter, CPAC, GoFundMe, Venmo, MGM Resorts, PayPal, Lyft, Uber and Uber Eats.

Michael Barnett, chairman of the Palm Beach County Republican Party, says “I think she’s a great candidate, and she’ll be a great candidate for the district where President Trump lives,” said Barnett. “She’s a bulldog and a fighter like President Trump, and the base admires that in our candidates.” 

Jewish, Laura Loomer was raised in Arizona by their father. She attended Barry University, in Miami Shores, Florida, from which she graduated with a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism. 

Loomer won her nomination with only 14,256 votes in a district with 138,295 registered Republicans. Louis Frankel, in contrast, garnered 75,504 votes to win the Aug. 18 Democratic primary.


Laura Loomer, internet personality and commentator delivered a unsurprising result in Florida’s GOP primary winning the 21st Congressional District House seat.

Florida’s 21st Congressional District includes Palm Beach County, where President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago is located. 

Laura Loomer has transitioned from social media firebrand to political player. That much is clear from her impressive primary victory to represent the Republican Party in Congress in President Trump's home district.

Loomer's chances of defeating incumbent Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.) appear strong with generous words of support from President Donald Trump.

Will Laura Loomer beat out well-established and popular Democratic incumbent Lois Frankel in congressional District 21 and will mainstream Republican support be there for Loomer?

President Trump congratulated Laura Loomer multiple times on Twitter, with Tweets and retweets, after her victory.

Great going Laura. You have a great chance against a Pelosi puppet! - Donald J Trump

Big win Matt! - Donald J Trump

Donald J. Trump Retweeted - Laura Loomer Delivers Stunning Primary Victory in Trump’s Voting District - Raheem Kassam

Donald J. Trump Retweeted - Laura Loomer (R) has out campaigned her primary opponents and claimed victory in Florida’s 21st Congressional District. - BREITBART NEWS

Donald J. Trump Retweeted - Congratulations to Laura Loomer on her primary win! - Marjorie Taylor Greene For Congress

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