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Does anyone know where this mosque is? Looks beautiful.

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Not specific to the Forerunner. All Garmin Watch's have several useful apps for contactless payments. One of the best isΒ Garmin Pay. This handy app makes it possible to pay for whatever you need whether you have your physical wallet on you or not. You can pay in mere moments through the app, saving space in your wallet and your pocket.


You are all doing it...

I don't travel, gas consumption is evil. Stay at home and save the planet. (Secretly I've been to 16)

You know it's bad when the Democratic Party is relying on a Porn Star to save them in the 2024 elections.

I stand with Biden, if I don't the U.S. will prosper.

We can't have that happen!

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She does not deserve to be there, she has damaged the Royal Family than Pedophile Prince Andrew.

Shared it with everyone in my circle of friends.

The people who started WWII sat around a round table.Β 

I'm going to spend tomorrow blocking everyone who doesn't agree that all foetuses should be aborted for the next ten years to and also because of women's rights.

At least one thing is clear now. If you're a man, your opinion on abortion had better be that abortions should be freely available at all times and all trimesters, otherwise you're a misogynist.

The more education you have, the more you believe sex can be changed.

My brother has three PhDs and doesn't even know what sex is.