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Slam Master Pickleball YouTube Contest #1

POST a Pickleball VOLLEY VIDEO using the Slam Master Practice Training Paddle and be the FIRST to BEAT Coach Z's 161 VOLLEYS. INSTANTLY WIN $100.

Create a YouTube Video using the Slam Master Paddle / Slam Master Pro Paddle and WIN/Earn $$$! 

It's that easy. 


* Title AND Description of your YouTube Video must include the words "Slam Master Pickleball Paddle Contest #1 - YOUR NAME and STATE" and a link to the Slam Master website in the description: 

  • Your video can be any length.
  • Clearly use a Slam Master Paddle (Original or Pro).
  • Show how you use the Slam Master Paddle to improve your Pickleball skills.
  • Reach 2500 views count and INSTANTLY WIN $100.
  • Submit your Slam Master YouTube video link to and we will post your video on our website to help you achieve views.

To earn additional $ with your video contact us (BEFORE you make your video) at and become a SLAMBASSADOR. Receive a designated Discount Coupon Code that you can advertise on your video or pass along to your fellow Pickleballers. Place a link to our Online Store:

Anyone purchasing Slam Master Products with your CUSTOM code will receive a 10% discount and you will receive 10% Commission for each sale made. Your chance to make unlimited amount of cash. CHA-CHING!!! 

Be creative. Be safe. NO dangerous stunts. NO PETS or CHILDREN in dangerous situations. Dangerous videos will be DISQUALIFIED. All videos will be judged for safety standards at the discretion of Slam Master. Slam Master will not be held responsible for any foolish, unsafe videos.

Be sure to come back and look for MORE Slam Master Challenges, Tournaments, Contests to come. GOOD LUCK!