Healthy Mitochondria

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Healthy Mitochondria

HEALTHY MITOCHONDRIA Are Absolutely Necessary For Optimal Health

Pick a disease… any disease. Yes, even the very act of aging. Chances are, research is linking that disease process with some aspect of Mitochondria and how well they are functioning.

Going back to the earliest forms of “Medicine Men,” we have studied the human condition in an attempt to better understand life, disease, death and everything in between. There are core aspects to the very act of being alive that we all share. There are also several individual aspects that influence our overall health and susceptibility to disease: genetics, our physical and psychological environments, nutrition, and those things we put on and in our bodies. Remarkably, even among these many variables, the scope of cause-and-effect has progressively narrowed.

At Healthy Mitochondria, we will introduce you to the microscopic starting point of health that resides inside each cell, your Mitochondria. You will learn the science behind creating an "oxygen oasis" inside each cell that support optimal Mitochondrial function. These simple techniques, if done with consistent effort, can help improve overall health, regardless of your individual starting point.

Being your healthy best starts at the cellular level…. It starts with your Mitochondria.


MITOCHONDRIA: "The powerhouse of the cell." Mitochondria are responsible for creating the life-giving energy necessary to drive every living process in the human body.

OXYGEN OASIS: A restricted environment with an abundance of oxygen capable of sustaining aerobic metabolism.

Mitochondria in our cells require the same abundance of oxygen as the driving force behind the metabolic pathways responsible for our very existence. Without the energy produced by our Mitochondria, we simply would cease to exist. In learning how to support your Mitochondria, it will become undeniably apparent how necessary it is to create our own form of an Oxygen Oasis within ourselves. And when we perfect the efficient utilization of oxygen and nutrients to generate energy, we can realize our full potential in achieving optimal health.