What is law Enforcement? 

Once the Pilgrims set foot on land at Plymouth they were under no obligation to any authority, they were in a ‘new world’ they became friends with the natives which resulted in the Massasoit Indians giving land to the Pilgrims which resulted in the creation of a Nation.

While still on the mayflower they declared "this day, before we came to harbour, observing some not well affected to unity and concord, but gave some appearances of faction, it was thought good there should be an association and agreement, that we should combine together in one body, and to submit to such government and governor as we should, by common consent, agree to make and choose, and set our hands to this that follows, word for word." .... " not only was the foundation stone of republican institutions on this continent laid, but the first New England town-meeting was held and the first elective officers chosen by the will of a majority." The first recorded meeting on land was held in the common house " for appointing military orders," that was the creation of govt & law enforcement (LE) in America.

LE was created to protect the people from themselves as well as any intrusion by govt into their Liberties. Most importantly it was localized to serve & protect those who appointed them & represent the community values. The combined efforts of all local LE in a State becomes the barrier between the citizens of a Sovereign State & an intrusive Federal govt. It is the highest duty of local LE to protect their citizens against intrusive actions conducted by any govt. The Protection of Liberty is always foremost in LE.

Let’s not forget the purpose of the Federal govt: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

If the Federal govt fails in that mandate it is up to the Sovereign States to protect those who elected them.  The problems in America will not be resolved on the federal level, only each Sovereign State can accomplish that, so true is that saying, 'all politics are local.'  It starts with active citizens in our towns, cities, counties, States & once it spreads to other States, we are closer to securing Liberty in America.

If we must be specific let’s, consider a federal example, the Jan6 people. Not one protester was armed & not one LE lost their life, although the protestors lost life & now are imprisoned without bail. My ‘theory’ peaceful protestors were outside the capital bldg, it was not until capital police fired tear gas into the protestors (for some unknown reason) that confusion was created. At that point a group of planned agitators forcibly entered the bldg drawing peaceful protestors with them thereby creating what is called the ’insurrection’ which then set the stage for the media. Keep in mind in the course of history there has never been an ‘insurrection’ where people were not armed. Remember the saying ‘never let a crisis go to waste’, well sometimes, you must create a crisis to take advantage of it. I can only ask is LE serving the conscience of the People, because that is what all govt was created for? 

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Frank D. Lovell

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