Tue 9Ago2022 - It seems that David Knight are saying and criticized the Idolatry of Blind Worshippers of President Bolsonaro and Bolsonaro itself that makes the same of Trump with Unconstitutional &  Illegal Law of 13.979 planned inside Executive Branch by his Evil two Former Ministers of Justice and Health, approved by Corrupted Congress full of Tyrannical Criminals from Left signed by Bolsonaro with all propriety good well done right below about Trump and Imbeciles that still believe in this Fake Pathetic Idol that Trump becomes.

*David Knight:*

The MOST pathetic hero worship of a false idol:

"Trump is, as he was in 2016, the American republic's last chance"

For JD, the last 900 days of , Trump lavishing cash on tyrants like Newsom, Cuomo & others to dictate terms, and the toxic mRNA sent round the world and BRAGGING about — apparently never happened.

JD, if you ever watched my broadcast, you never learned ANYTHING if you're still cheering this narcissist, this greedy demagogue. 2016 he deserved a chance. NOT today.

People so blindly partisan that they'll excuse ANY and EVERY abuse are what is killing the Republic.


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