Thinking Again!

What if Representatives in Congress whose duty is to represent the citizens of their State, presented a motion to have their citizens released from the DC jail & all charges dropped for violations of Constitutional & Declarable Rights, keeping in mind Congress has total authority over the District of Columbia, it is a Federal District.

If anything, that effort will clearly express States authority over that of Federal because States authority is given to them by ThePeople of each Sovereign State while Federal authority is secondary. Each State has the Right & Duty to demand the release of its citizens from Federal custody & be free of harm if that is in their conscious to do so, they have violated no State law, while Federal law has violated their Sovereign State Rights.

The time has come for States to speak up on the Jan6 issue, it's been 2 years & they are still arresting people as others remain imprisoned, families are destroyed & living in depression. I feel it's our fault for not doing something years ago when it happened, we could have stopped this but relied on Justice to prevail, & it hasn't.

Now is the time to contact your Representatives in State & Federal govt & tell them you want them to issue a Declaration that your State demands the release of its citizens & they be free from further harm.

Or, should we demand the Federal govt be charged with crimes against humanity, as were other governments during world history? Logically they should take the easy way out because the latter would cause the exposure of events regarding criminality on the part of govt.

I think it’s worth a shot. It’s up to each & every one of us, individually, to contact our Representatives in govt & tell them how you feel. Remember, they serve you, you’re the Boss…….take care Patriots.

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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot

Free State of Florida