Recently, a Connecticut teen, reportedly a gang member with an extensive rap sheet, was arrested in connection with 18 shootings.  For years this young man has been out on the streets, committing crimes, getting arrested, and repeatedly being released.  It's time to crack down on crime, but in many leftist districts, politicians and prosecutors are having none of it.

There is an abnormal amount of crime in the U.S., though progressives continue to deny it.  The most convincing proof is the murder rate: there are 2.6 as many homicides in the U.S. as in Canada (2019 figures), five times as many as in Germany, more than sixteen times more than in Japan.  Violent crime in the U.S. is very real, and it is out of control.

Politicians like Biden and Harris talk about bail reform, over-representation of minorities in prison, and "root causes" of everything.  But the plain truth is that there are violent criminals out there who are entirely lacking in conscience and feeling.  The only solution is to apprehend these criminals and send them to prison for a long time — and to make prison a place where they will not want to return after they are released.