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Trust me. There is a method to my madness that is grounded in a higher order logic than that of this world’s which is but built upon temporal entropies and outward appearances. I have always been a maverick for good reason. Likewise for those who have the patience and intestinal fortitude we are all afforded a great opportunity to make a difference together in our time in a manner which will echo for truth in love and justice and mercy from humble and contrite hearts emboldened and girded up by the kind of courage which only is bestowed from God Almighty along with the grace to be doers of them all. We of all people, should be humble in all we do and bold in how we do it. For no people nor nation has forged a better path for humanity without the light from above guiding the people from within the hearts and the minds of those who faith and trust is in the Lord. For it is by His eternal wisdom and the saving knowledge which He lavashes upon His children that we are more than conquerors and greater than the mere mortal coils which covers what we truly are within. We must always remember that our strength is in Him not ourselves and our way must be guided by His truth and love. For it is by the rod and the staff we corrects and comforts, instructs and upholds even as we become in the here and now what we will forever be… his beloved. So too must we be for others who have yet to find that ancient and less traveled path towards the upper countries. 

As for people so too for the nation and nations.

Othniel Max Daves

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