Are Trump being transformed now by a New Hoax of Deep State to SLAVE AMERICANS PUT MORE TERROR AND FEAR IN PEOPLE OF US into a Julian Assange now?

This is all a Theater of Deceive/PsyOps made by Deep State that are using the tactical that many Americans seems doesn't know yet that was using in Brazil most since 1994 of SOCIALDEVILCRATS OF SOCIALIST OF FORMER PRESIDENT FERNANDO HENRIQUE CARDOSO THAT HIDDEN HIS COMMUNISM-NAZI-FASCIST TOTALITARISM USING HIS "SOCIAL DEMOCRACY" PARTY THAT IS LINK WITH COMMUNIST-NAZI-FASCISTS FROM BILDEBERGS/WEF FROM DAVOS VS DECLARED TO PEOPLE COMMUNIST-NAZI-FASCISTS FROM WORKERS PARTY THAT USING the tactic called Coup of Two Scissors explained by Olavo de Carvalho that is deployed a Fake War like Putin Vs Biden OR EVEN LIKE HITLER VS STALIN did to conquer half of Europe to DEPLOYMENT OF COMMUNIST-NAZI-FASCIST DICTATORSHIP IN USA.

Trump becomes a Puppet of Deep State now...

Here’s The Warrant: DOJ Investigating Trump For Potential Violations Of Espionage Act, Obstruction Of Justice

The warrant details the address and locations to be searched

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