Americas Strength

Writing to people is a lot more difficult than I thought. Whom am I communicating with, am I communicating with people who are fully aware of what I express & have already formed their opinion or others who have never thought of the things I express? It is the latter I am trying to reach, those who haven't really thought about what is happening in America.

Those Americans who believe what I used to believe, regardless of the issue, 'Not in America,' like losing Liberty, never could happen, 'Not in America.' I believed that because I took Liberty for granted, I grew up in America & the one thing I knew for sure is I would always live in a country of Liberty. Facts have altered my opinion today in that I see an active threat to our Liberty & well-being. I feel an evil force, abnormal. not logical, lacking reasoning to support its actions. This is what I want people to think of what is happening in America, can you apply logic & reasoning to justify it & does it lead to a better America? 

That is the start of an American Awakening & the responsibility is upon each of us. If you are aware then you know your duty is to communicate your concerns about America to others, to be active in your local, state & federal politics, and to make your concerns known. Mostly to be aware of the ones representing you, do they reflect your will? If not, you need to find those who do in the next election & give them a chance. Never forget 'WeThePeople' control who represents us & we must shop wisely.

However, it is 'WeThePeople' with the documented history to support our belief that WeThePeople are the ultimate authority over any government. America was created on a structure of authority that began with God who gave Liberty to ThePeople, who in turn allowed govt to exist with conditions. Yes, govt is 3rd in that list & if you forget that or are unaware of your position in America always remember it's your responsibility & your duty to assure govt acts in your interests by letting them know just what your interests & concerns are. Ya have to think like the boss, not the worker because those who represent you are your workers & you are the Boss it's that simple. 

So, Biden supports a bill giving illegals the right to vote, Senators, including Tom Cotton, are opposing it. We also have the Sec of Transportation Pete Buttigieg, who was finally embarrassed into going to Ohio, walking outside with media asking questions, & he continues walking not looking at them or having anything to say in response to their questions. Another time he told a reporter he was on ‘personal time’ & wouldn’t answer questions. The Goya company has delivered food to those people, Trump delivered water, and this govt has given them nothing. That is how much your govt cares about a catastrophic event harming Americans. We have Joy Behar of the ‘View’ saying the Ohio people who voted for Trump got what they deserve. These are Americans?

The House Judiciary Committee held an official hearing at the border, asking questions & hearing testimony regarding the situation of immigration. Not one Democrat attended, although it’s their job to represent those who elected them. If you’re a Democrat you should be outraged over this lack of concern, a Republican should have expected this.

Did you know China & Russia are in joint military maneuvers with South Africa & India? Brazil is also friendly with China, I thought those countries were our friends, could it be our friends only see weakness in America today? The world stage has changed under this govt & not for the better, China & Russia are now allies, for years they were divided, at this point, America's military is incapable of protecting us against a real threat.

I know we’ll watch a 2-hour long movie but who wants to watch the complete history of America & China relations & the threat China poses to America for 2 hours? Yes I did, & for those who will, this is all the info you need to be informed:

Never forget America's strength is in ThePeople, for the first time in civilized history ThePeople were given absolute control over govt. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your vote or your voice doesn’t matter, they all matter & together they are the majority & that is America's voice, that is America's strength.

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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot

Free State of Florida