A Sovereign People

I am aware of the events happening in America, it's like reading the history of a past great country that fell to ruins. I am forced to wonder is it better to know the path your country is on or not know? I used to believe, in response to any situation, 'not in America,' some things just could never happen in America, like losing our Liberty. I desperately wish I could believe that today but a collection of all the facts shows me history is repeating itself toward a country in ruin. Then I wonder, do enough Americans realize this & will they do what is necessary to preserve this Republic we call America?

A part of America most neglected is its history. People know the land of the Free, the home of the brave stuff but what does Freedom mean? If you look at American history you find it's not about Freedom, it's about Liberty which was granted to every American by God clearly establishing all government as secondary to the Will of WeThePeople. The government has violated the purpose of its creation & now controls WeThePeople while it's clearly proven WeThePeople have total authority over any government, that is in our history as a Nation. That is what We have allowed to happen, over the centuries America has existed, we have not been vigilant in protecting our Liberty, & as a result, we have lost much of it & are on the verge of losing it all. 

From our Forefathers to our Founders, we have been given instructions on what Liberty is & how to protect it. Let's not forget these people came from a nation where they were oppressed & in founding America, they provided future generations with protections against such abuse by the government. They knew the warning signs & knew how to prevent it, yet it all relied on WeThePeople being aware, vigilant & active when it came to government actions, that was & is our duty as citizens. Sadly, during a busy life, some of us forget our duty, we neglect it & government takes over.

Although the Department of Education is a newcomer to Cabinet-level agencies, its origins go back to 1867, President Andrew Johnson signed legislation creating the first Department of Education. Its main purpose was to collect information & statistics about the nation's schools. Due to the danger that Dept could exercise control over local schools, it was demoted to an Office of Education in 1868, 1980 saw it become a department again, a huge mistake. Providing researched organized info about the nation’s schools is a great thing for the fed govt to provide to the States but it ends there. All sovereign States are responsible for their own educational process supported by their people without undue influence from a federal govt. 

The Federal Reserve operates in great secrecy, and unelected private bankers run our economy. never subjected to a comprehensive audit, it’s an institution designed to drain wealth from the American people & transfer it to the business community. Let’s check this out, WeThePeople print $ & give it to a financial enterprise called the Federal Reserve, who in turn loans us the $ we gave them, & charges us, WeThePeople, interest, to use our $ to pay government bills. Am I missing something here or is that a reflection of insanity? Pay attention to the World Economic Forum, The Bilderberg Group, the UN, World Health Organization, The International Monetary Fund (IMF), The World Bank & The Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD to name a few, all threats to America

What’s going on in the Georgia court & the grand jury investigation into Trump's alleged interference in the 2020 election? The Grand Jurors declared it should be made public. Those Georgia citizens swore an oath to pursue the Truth by investigation to decide if a crime had been committed. It is their duty as citizens of the sovereign state of Georgia to inform ThePeople of the information they have so ThePeople can make intelligent decisions as to the process they feel should be pursued. That is a government of ThePeople. That is what a Grand Jury is supposed to be about, not hiding the Truth for whatever reason. Inquiring minds want to know if Trump interfered in the election, or was it someone else? 

I hate repeating myself, but I need to do it. What is going on with the whole Trump-DeSantis thing? Why am I seeing ripples of division in the Patriot ranks? We are dealing with some intelligent & proficient people here who must realize this is the activity the Left loves to see & inflame. George Washington could see this as an enemy trap & would steer clear of it while trying to maintain unity in the troops, that’s how we won. Both sides need to consider we all what the same result, a strong America., that happens with unity not division.

This is what I know. We have Trump declaring a Presidential run, a person who told us what he would do & did it for 4 years while under relentless attacks. Once again, he tells us what he will do & I believe all those things are needed to move America closer to Liberty & safety. We also have DeSantis who I am comfortable as President anytime. However, the division is a critical element to consider here, as well as resources. We have Trump which will take us to 2028, we have DeSantis busy securing the Liberty of Floridians which should be complete before 2028 allowing DeSantis to move into a position in the Trump Presidency getting him used to the environment for which he can declare his run for the Presidency which I predict will last 8 years. That gives us 12 years of government being in Patriot control & which will assure a healthy & strong America. Use our resources wisely, don’t waste them. 

Here we go once again, a threat to America. A Chinese balloon (for whatever reason) traveling the skies of a Sovereign Nation be it to record weather or ground information is a violation of the Liberties of all Americans & a potential threat to that way of life. What concerns me is as it travels across America it imposes a threat to all Sovereign States it passes over as well as ALL those States of this Republic. Are you aware as Sovereign States we have authority over international trade as well as treaties with other nations & to decide who we are friends with, or not. The responsibility is for the State to protect the Liberties of WeThePeople of that State. So, I pose the question, does a Sovereign State have the authority to address a presence that intrudes into that Sovereign area? I say it has the authority to disable that intrusion & collect information that reveals the information it was collecting. Call that act whatever you will, it is the right of a Sovereign People to assure its Liberties & Safety. No other government can supersede a right called State’s Rights, a Right given by WeThePeople, not a federal government. As we think on this, think on the device traveling across America by a nation we should consider a threat to all America is. 

As I write this, I see the federal govt just disabled the balloon off the coast of NC, it took them a long time to establish it was a threat. Or maybe they were worried about what might happen if it flew over the Free State of Florida or Texas where it could have met its demise, life is so interesting.

Don’t forget, to contact those Representatives in the federal Congress & those in your local government, make sure your will is expressed, & make sure YOU are represented……take care.

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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriot

Free State of Florida

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