• Hello Grant just wanted to drop a quick ty for building this site. I can see a lot of work has gone into it well done!

    Best Regards ?

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    • Half Right welcome to StreetLoc, you have been upgraded to Premium. Please reachout if you have any questions or find a bug. The "+ Add" button in the Top-rigth Menu is how you make most things happen on the site.

      All accounts that signed-up and confirmed their account, last night during or after the Patriot Soapbox Show with Mr_Pinko Toots Sweet and JewelsJones1 were upgraded to Premium.

      We are still waiting for some accounts to confirm their e-mail addresses.

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      • Thank you Grant.  I feel you have developed something that will flourish, and I will spread the word....

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        • You are welcome Half Right looking forward to growing this site with you, we have tried to pack as much functionality into the product as possible, while still keeping it easy to use. 

          Here is a quick link for adding content to StreetLoc:  How do I add content to StreetLoc?