FBI Reportedly Investigating BLM and ANTIFA for U.S. Capitol unrest on January 6th.

Reports are out on NBC that the FBI is reportedly investigating if foreign actors funded some of the action at the U.S. Capitol unrest on January 6th. Some would be forgiven for thinking that this must be misdirection of behalf of the FBI as they take extreme measures to track down the and arrest all the paid actors, members of BLM and ANTIFA that staged the riots in the capital building. 

Not so fast, the FBI have released John Sullivan without bail and denied the involvement of BLM and Biden's idea "Antifa"

The truth of the matter is the media is pretending there was no involvement of these groups and going so far as to suggest these paid actors are MAGA.  The bulk of main-stream media's reporting does not match the facts, there were two exceptions: 

Newsweek: Who is John Sullivan? Left-wing Activist Charged in Capitol Riot. 

Politico: Liberal Utah activist charged with joining Capitol riot

Yet the far-left law enforcement agency the FBI, Democrats and the rest of mainstream media claim it was all MAGA supporters. 

Buzzfeed: Apologists For Trump’s Mob Have Tried To Falsely Blame The Coup Attempt On Antifa

Reuters: Fact check: News report saying Antifa took responsibility for storming Capitol is digitally altered

NBC: Shane Burley Deaths at the Capitol, a pro-Trump, far-right mob — and months of red flags

WBC: Experts and activists denounce comparison between Capitol siege and BLM protests

AP: Comparison between Capitol siege, BLM protests is denounced

USA Today: Fact check: What's true about the Capitol riot, from antifa to BLM to Chuck Norris

Statesman: From antifa to the man in the horned fur hat: PolitiFact checked the gamut of claims about the Capitol riot. Here is a run down.

ABC: False equivalency between Black Lives Matter and Capitol siege: Experts, advocates

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