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Glad I'm not the only dodo here!

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Kitten in a Jar

When A Drag Queen Won't Stop Performing - Give he/she/it Something to Perform About

⏳A interesting take on an hourglass 

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🌞This is why the Sun can only be seen through a telescope once in a lifetime... 

🏔Huashan Mountain is famous for its exquisite picturesque cliffs and difficult dangerous ascent to the top. The mountain path connects many peaks up to the highest 2130 m, this is a unique mountain route. Along the way, there are numerous Taoist monasteries, pagodas, temples, gates and bridges. 

The Mountain is classified as five main peaks, the highest of which is the South Peak at 2,154. 9 metres.

Mount Huashan is regarded as the “No. 1 perilous mountain in China”, so a lot of riskers and mountaineers have been visiting this famous site to experience its heart-stopping dangerous plank paths on the cliffs. 

🌴Oahu, Hawaii Welcome to the island of Oahu, which can be described with a single word - abundance. On no other island of the Hawaiian archipelago is it possible to find such a variety of animals and plants as here. 

⛪️ Santuario Madonna della Corona (Sanctuary of the Lady Crown) is one of Italy’s most well-known sanctuaries dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It was built right in a sheer cliff at an altitude of 773 m above sea level and overlooking the valley of the river Adige, it emerges from the craggy slopes of the Monte Baldo massif. In the 15th century it was a skete, the first church was built in 1530, and in 1625 it became a sanctuary. Can you imagine with what difficulty it could have been built centuries ago?

Kittens will hide in anything!

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Where's Everyone?

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It's been one of those mid-week-Wednesday's, I need a weekend to recover.

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Come on already, it's drink time!

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