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Tune In TONIGHT to "In Tune" on @PatriotsSoapbox from 9-11pm/EDT

? ? ? ? ? ?  ? ? ??   

Join Toots Sweet, Mr_Pinko and JewelsJones1 on @PatriotsSoapbox TONIGHT on YouTube 

? 6-8pm PDT  ? 8-10pm CDT ? 9-11pm EDT


Listen live:


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    • Hi Guys,  I  just happened to tune into your News Feed. It was AWESOME ???I looking forward to listen to you again. Not sure adout  the Pinksco?did I get it right, but any news from Patriot Soap Box works for me. 

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      • Great show, we need more of you.

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        Barry Soetoro (A.K.A. Barack Hussein Obama) - Columbia University- New York#Obama
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