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China's Wuhan Virus, COVID-19 Killing Disproportionately by Race in NYC

Black New Yorker's comprise 28 percent of deaths in New York City and 18 percent of deaths in New York state, despite being 22 percent and 9 percent of the population, respectively. 

Hispanics, meanwhile, are 29 percent of the population in New York City and 11 percent of the population statewide, but represent 34 percent and 14 percent of deaths, respectively.

“We’re seeing this around the country,” Cuomo added, noting that other areas have worse disparities than New York’s. “Comorbidity, I understand that, but I think there’s something more to it. You know, it always seems that the poorest people pay the highest price. Why is that? Whatever the situation is.”

Cuomo fails to address the fact that the virus impact on the Asian population is 3 to 4 times less on the Asian population of New York when compared to Black New Yorker's.  

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