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Your Privacy at StreetLoc with Firefox 70 brings users privacy, battery, and performance improvements.

Firefox 70 brings Enhanced Tracking Protection and longer battery life.

Yesterday, Mozilla released Firefox 70. The newest version of the most-popular fully open source browser expands on the Enhanced Tracking Protection we saw as an option in Firefox 69 and turns that protection on by default for all users. We already saw most of these new features in our Firefox 70 beta coverage, but since then, the features have been expanded upon and fine-tuned, and major new features have appeared or have been added in the Lockwise online password manager for users who have a Firefox cloud account.

First off, Firefox 70.0 includes social tracking protection.

This blocks cross-site tracking cookies from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Users can customize this setting, with the default option being “balanced for protection and performance.” If you set your Enhanced Tracking Protection settings to “strict,” you’ll successfully block more trackers, but some websites may break completely.

Tracking in StreetLoc?

At streetLoc we make a point of knowing less about you.

All tech companies collect data to improve their products. But it doesn’t need to include so much of your personal info. The only data we want is the data that serves you in the end. We ask ourselves: do we actually need this? What do we need it for? And when can we delete it?

 Firefox 70 Protections for

The new Firefox 70 will let you know what Protections are in place on StreetLoc and will automatically protect you from "Social Media Trackers" (Twitter & Facebook) and "Cross-Site Tracking Cookies" (Google & Doubleclick). 

You will not come across any "StreetLoc - Social Media Trackers and/or Cross-Site Tracking Code" we do not Track you.

StreetLoc is a Social Media Site that functions as a News Aggregator, our users to post links and content from other sites on the Internet into StreetLoc. These postings may contain "Trackers" from those sites.  

How do I keep myself Safe?

Replacing your existing Browser with the latest version of Firefox is one of the easiest ways to keep yourself safe online and see how your privacy is being protected. 

For macOS users, Firefox 70 includes dramatic improvements to power consumption and performance. Mozilla says that Firefox 70 “improves power usage by 3x or more for many use cases.” This is because the company “changed how pixels get to the screen,” which allows the app to do less work per frame.  

Download - Replace your existing browser with the latest version of Firefox.

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