Fauci - Vaccinations Will Not Allow Free Movement of Individuals

Dr. Anthony Fauci told CNN that new guidance from the CDC for those who have been vaccinated should be expected "pretty soon". 

Speaking to CNN on Tuesday, the White House chief medical advisor said that he would expect less stringent guidance to come soon given the progress with the US vaccination program.

This update should "relax the stringency of the recommendations", particularly for people in the same family who have been vaccinated.

Fauci is not in charge of CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), but has very clearly exploited a crisis for his own ego and pursuit of stardom. He has no regard for the businesses destroyed, lives taken from suicide, or the children who have fallen behind in school or fact based science, his current guidelines are inline will the politicalization and exploitation of the COVID response to shape society. Fauci been at the heart of the federal response to the pandemic.

Yet Fauci says the United States has "done worse than most any other country" in response to the Virus, while Dr Fauci is the highest-paid government employee in America tasked with leading the Pandemic response.

Who is running things and why is Fauci the talking puppet?

Where is the science in Dr Fauci telling people who have been vaccinated they they should not dine indoors or go to the theater just yet?  That they still have to ware their masks. 

  • Do vaccines work? If yes, take the masks off once vaccinated! 
  • If no, stop the vaccinations before you end up with half the population really angry.
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